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Name and address GmbH
Franz-Joseph-Strasse 11
80801 München
Tel.: +49 861 89983006
Commercial registry München: HRB 243676
VAT-number: DE305242896

Authorised representative directors
Hans-Georg Vetter

Holdings GmbH has no management function in any commercial partnerships. GmbH has no direct or indirect participation on voting rights or capital of the providers of investment products. GmbH is 100% owned by GmbH, Altendorf, Switzerland.

Prudential regulation and authorisation
IHK München and Oberbayern
Approval for fee based investment advisor acc. to §34 h (1) GewO
Intermediary register: D-H-155-1BFU-17


Information on the issuers and product providers
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Limited, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management Investment S.A., Lyxor Asset Management, UBS Asset Management: has no contractual obligation whatsoever with regards to these issuers and product providers. Furthermore is not receiving any incentives or financial advantages such as commissions or bonifications for inventory by using these products.


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